Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy



ATARA Makine Otomasyon, beholds the health protection of all of its employees and provision of their safety as a primary mission. It has the target of being an exemplary company throughout the World with its established and accepted Occupational Health and Safety Culture.

Within the mission of “Zero Occupational Accident Zero Occupational Disease” ATARA Makine Otomasyon, hereby ensures
Compliance with both National and International Occupational Health and Safety regulations,

Provision of a healthy and safe workplace for both employees and the environment by minimising occupational accident and occupational disease risks with proactive viewpoint,

Continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management and performance with the best and most rational approach.

ATARA Makine Otomasyon receives the greatest support while determining its targets within this context, from its valuable employees.