Gold Artu Series Yield Weighbridge System

It accurately measures the capacity of the unit with weighing capability in cleaning, milling and packaging units. It is produced separately for wheat, flour, bran and semolina. It is used in flour mills to measure yield and capacity. It has the ability to prepare minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports via internet with the help of automation

■ The system is fully automatic, controlled by PLC,
■ Stainless steel Load-cells for precise weighing and long lifetime,
■ Special system panel of protection class IP67,
■ Easy calibration with keypad,
■ Flow measurement and display in tons/hour,
■ Ability to work locally or networked,
■ Flow adjustment when required

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Technical Features
Product Code
RAKA 120
RAKA 150
Product Type
Wheat, Flour, Bran
Wheat, Flour, Bran
Weighing Range
60 Kg.
80 Kg.
Weighing Accuracy
Platter Capacity
120 Lt.
150 Lt.
System Pressure
6-8 Bar
6-8 Bar
Air Supply
1 m³/hour
1 m³/hour
Power Supply
220 V / 50 Hz
220 V / 50 Hz
Protection Class
270 Kg
320 Kg
20 (Tons/Hour)
25 (Tons/Hour)