Flowing Scale

The balance is used both for measuring and summarizing the product flow and for accurate flow control. At the same time it is used with vertical systems and belt conveyors.

■ Thanks to its compact design, ability to operate at small areas.
■ Not affected by dust because the measurement sensor is out of process.
■ 0,5-40 Tons/hr flow measurement and control.
■ Motor controlled feeding system, flow control in the units of mixture percent or kg/h by integrated measurement control system.
■ The system has no air dependency.
■ Desired material mixture is achieved by setting values computer system or to operator panel on the flowmeter.

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 Technical Feature
Product Code AKKA
Weighing Accuracy ±%0,1
Platter Capacity 240 Lt.
System Pressure 6-8 Bar
Air Supply 1 m³/hour
Power Supply 220 V / 50 Hz
Electricity Consumption 7 VA
Protection Class IP54
Weight 310 Kg
Capacity 40 (Tons/Hour)